Automated Agent Accelerator Course

The Automated Agent Accelerator business transformation program

Hi, my name is Liam Swords, and I’d like to invite you to Join my Automated Agent Accelerator program to transform your real estate business.

Who am I?

Licensed since 2001, I personally sold over 1000 homes with a team of seven that I built from the ground up.

When I started my career in real estate I was doing well as a solo agent and team leader, but I was getting burnt out, distracted, and stressed out. I knew there had to be a better way, how did top producers manage so many clients and still had time to spend with their families?

Well I was fortunate enough to have great mentors who helped through these struggles, I created a business strategy focused on unlocking time through systems and automation. This was the transformation I needed, going from chasing clients to being the CEO of my Real Estate business, running on autopilot, and laser focused on top producing activities.

Naturally I wanted to pass-on what I learned to my team to help them succeed, and also help other real estate agents achieve their full potential by following the business planning process that helped me achieve my goals. I started hosting workshops in my city of Ottawa , and I received tons of positive feedback on how my step by step process helped others unlock time and achieve their goals!

Eager to reach a wider audience, I took all my learnings from over 20 years selling homes + my success in building and managing teams + my experience teaching and mentoring others through my workshops + my amazing online community, and packaged it into an online course you can follow to transform your business, Automated Agent Accelerator!

Testimonials from recent attendees

Now it’s time for you to write your own success story.

So, if you are ready to transform your business, sign up for my course!

Or, if you want to find out if this course is right for you, let’s have a discussion .